Welcome to AgrowSer and AgrowTec Greenhouse Projects, reliable partners for realisation of greenhouse projects, for every budget we have a solution!

Our Services

The Organization

The head office of AgrowSer and AgrowTec Greenhouse Projects is located in Waddinxveen. The organizations co-operate with each other and offers turnkey greenhouse projects, in plastic as well as glass or a combination of these materials. These greenhouses can be expanded with all sorts of systems and installations. This will result in an optimum growing environment for your fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants.


AgrowSer is specialized in building plastic covered greenhouse projects.
AgrowSer is active as a supplier and builder of top quality plastic covered greenhouses worldwide.
We owe our reputation to a combination of innovation and high reliable constructions.

AgrowTec Greenhouse Projects

AgrowTec is specialized in the supply of turnkey greenhouse projects.
AgrowTec designs, engineers and supplies turnkey greenhouse projects.
Our reputation is based on respect for our customer, 100% quality, and after sales service.


In our projects we combine the optimum combination of growing and climate technologies available. We are therefore the most reliable partner you can choose for your investment, whether carried out in a plastic covered AgrowSer project or a glass covered AgrowTec project.


These days, it is expected to supply top products to our customers. For growers and entrepreneurs, this is only possible through the combination of a high-quality and qualitative outstanding greenhouse with appropriately selected installations.
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